Dumaguete is an incredibly friendly city, whose people embody the Filipino spirit of hospitality, understanding, and joy. Aside from feeling right at home with the people in the city, the annual festivals held in Dumaguete are must-go activities for anyone who would want to experience how the City of Gentle People party and celebrate.

Check Out:

  • Buglasan Festival. The Buglasan Festival, which is celebrated in mid-October, is most-awaited as it is known as the “festival of festivals” in the whole of Negros Oriental. It showcases the different cultures and traditions in the province, and is really a great celebration of Negros Oriental as a united and happy family of towns, cities, and municipalities.
  • Sandurot Festival. A festival in honor of the patroness of Dumaguete, Sta. Catalina de Alejandria, the Sandurot Festival highlights the friendliness and genuine happiness and hospitality of Dumaguete. It is celebrated on the third week of November, and reflects the city’s culture, religion, unity, and harmony imbued in several shows and events.